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1978 928
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3-speed Automatic
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1978 928 RoW 2100


Apparently this car was used by an audio equipment distributor as an show car with a modified interior full of speakers etc. When the previous owner got it the interior had been stripped and he installed front seats from an Acura. There are still several speakers installed, none of which work other than those in the doors. I love the wheels. It has been repainted and not a very good job at that. The engine and drive train seem to be solid from what I saw diring the 2 months that I drove it after acquiring it in September of 2013. Currently it is waiting for some maintenance to be brought up to date before it goes back on the road.

By: elgy On: Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Updated December 2016

I drove the car most of this summer after completing some maintenance last winter (new half shaft CV boots, rebuilt TB tensioner, replaced the right side radiator tank,removed what was left of the air conditioning since there was no crompressor installed and changed engine oil and coolant). During the summer it was off the road temporarily for a new brake master cylinder and repairing the parking brake system. I also acquired a set of original phonedial wheels that are currently painted black. This winter I will replace the original aluminum lower ball joints, change the idler pulley for the TB and change the transmission fluid.