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1978 928
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3-speed Automatic
908 -- Grand Prix White / Grand Prix Weiss
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1978 928 RoW 1454
Grand Prix White


Hello I have a 928 Porsche with title -NO Dents - - automatic -- --the guy was going to make a big block race car that's why its stripped down ---collector -- ---- part it out you will make a lot of cash --- ebay doors are 400 each---- ALUMINUM REAR CROSS MEMBER 200$ - rims if you can find them easy 300$ fenders aluminum 300$ each - each gauge is 150 each -- hood emblem 50 $ hood aluminum 400 $ radiator 300$ tail light lens 80$ each corner lens 40$ each trunk hatch 400$ wiper motor 50$ well there is a lot more parts you could sale ---->>> even if you sale parts half price you will do just great ---- I do not have time to list package and ship stuff or I would do it my self --- Porsche 928-----------