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1978 928
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5-speed Manual
936 -- Silver Metallic / Silver Metallic
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1978 928 U.S. 0016
Silver Metallic
Black/Blue Pascha


Collector car Silver with leather and checker board cloth interior. Large V-8. Designed to be fastest vehicle on road when made. 98,120 miles. Rare 5 speed manual transmission. Retractible lights. Drive anywhere especially to car shows. NEW LOWER PRICE I just spent $1985 to have two fuel pumps, water pump and belts replaced. Ready to roll. May accept offers. Was 38th 928 ever built. (Actually was production number 0016 - Editor)

By: dmhager On: Saturday, 29 December 2018

I acquired #16 in March of 2017 and recently started restoring the car, beginning first with a mechanical restoration.  I spent the last year and a half acquiring some of the hard to find and unique early 928 parts that were missing (stainless gas cap, air vents, battery box cover, cargo cover, etc.).  The original transmission is badly in need of a rebuild so I swapped in a recently rebuilt 79 LSD transaxle and torque tube (retaining the original gearbox, torque tube and short coupler and intermediate shaft.  I sourced a proper stock exhaust system and got rid of the aftermarket Ansa unit.  Next up will be the front suspension (steel lower ball joints to replace original aluminum) and other bits.  After replacing all of the fuses and a good cleaning of the usual grounds and contacts, all of the electrical systems work.  The car is now roadworthy for at least local trips.

The original black and blue Pascha shows its patina, but is in remarkably good shape, although the fabic is weak with age and will need to be fully replaced when I'm ready to redo the interior, which will follow a repaint of the complete exterior.  Time permitting, the engine will come out this summer (2019) for head gaskets, a complete reseal, fuel injection system overhaul and whatever else is needed to get it properly sorted.  Despite obvious lack of maintenance over the years, the engine runs pretty well, shows no obvious signs of oil or coolant leaks and starts reliably.